The Balanced Man Program

Building Balanced Men:

The Four Characteristics of a Balanced Man:

-The Scholar
-The Athlete
-The Leader
-The Gentleman

In the Fall of 1992 Sigma Phi Epsilon changed the college fraternity world forever by implementing a new and unique membership developement program. Gone are the days of pledges and 8 weeks of developement usually involving deameaning activities. In it’s place is a 4 year developement program that graduates brothers, and prepares them for a journey of life and brotherhood.

The Balanced Man Program has been accepted, indeed praised, by university administrators nationwide as the ideal program designed to enhance a young man’s life and build him into a leader.

It is the goal of Sigma Phi Epsilon nationally and Tennessee Eta locally to recruit, acclimate, build and retain the optimal balance of quantity and quality of young men in the fraternity world.

No Pledges, No Hazing. Period. Most people think that becoming a member in a fraternity often involves physical and mental challenges. Indeed, fraternal history is littered with stories, some true, some not, about outrageous and often dangerous acts required of a fraternity pledge.

SigEp does not believe these methods are constructive. In fact, we believe they are counterproductive. That is why we have adopted the Balanced Man Program.

The Balanced Man Program is based on the concept that life is a continuous journey. The Journey will be marked by many challenges. Sigma Phi Epsilon is striving to better prepare its members to face and surmount these challenges by providing the most innovative program in the fraternity world.

The Balanced Man Program concentrates on individual and chapter development. In particular, the BMP focuses on mentoring, campus and community involvement, and the Ritual. The BMP also focuses on the development of a sound mind and a sound body

No Second-Class Citizenship. Through the Balanced Man Program, there a main theme: no second-class citizenship. At Tennessee Eta we achieve this goal through various ways.

We have no pledging program. The men of our chapter will never have to “prove themselves”. By accepting our invitation to join the chapter, they have already met the rigorous standards we expect of our members. Once a recruit accepts our bid, he becomes a full member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities granted to him.

There is no distinction between the oldest member of the chapter, and the newest member of the chapter, other than age and experience of the chapter. ALL chapter members are eligible to attend meetings, vote at meetings, and hold chapter offices.

Often times, people will hear horror stories of “pledges” of a fraternity having to complete demeaning tasks. This is simply not the way it is at SigEp. Once someone joins SigEp they are already a brother and they begin a 4 year journey of brotherhood that lasts for the rest of their lives.

Sound Mind, Sound Body. Sigma Phi Epsilon believes in the Greek ideal of sound mind, sound body. The Balanced Man Program stresses the importance of building a strong, sound mind and developing a healthy, sound body. In building a strong mind, academic programming is stressed first and foremost. In addition to our numerous academic programs mentioned in the academic section, chapter and campus involvement is highly encouraged. The chapter also hosts speakers on a variety of topics including risk management, personal finance, career guidance, relationships, and decision-making. Sound Mind events are also scheduled which include brothers attending theatrical and musical performances.

In developing a sound body, SigEp takes many routes to ensure our members have a sound body. Many members participate in Austin Peay’s intramural sports and athletic events. During BMP challenges brothers must commit time each week to physical fitness activities. Our chapter house is a designated non-smoking facility, and many measures are taken to ensure a clean and healthy facility. Tennessee Eta is also the first ever fraternity at Austin Peay to prohibit any alcohol on the chapter house’s property, making a bold statement to the fraternity, University, and community in denouncing the “Frat Boy” stereotype. To also improve sound body education the chapter invites speakers on such issues as nutrition and personal fitness.

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