Parent Association

The goal of every parent organization, since your son’s elementary school PTO meetings, is used to set and reach goals, fundraise, and make the organization you are representing that much better. With the creation of our first Parent Association, that is exactly what we are trying to do. As we understand, parents want to be involved in their son’s college careers. While cheering them on during intramural games may not seem appropriate, we have the perfect plan for you. We would love for you to join our efforts to make this fraternity the best it can be.

“One chapter we heard about at CLA Atlanta 2012 started their Parent Association last year. In only 7 months, they raised over $13,000 and renovated parts of the house. The dad’s came together to do construction and renovations while the mom’s painted and did yard work. They completely transformed the fraternity into something it hasn’t been in many years.”   -Zac Gillman

Will you be willing to sacrifice one weekend to help make your son’s college and fraternity experience the best it can be? If you are interested, fill out this form below or email for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Parent Association Registration

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